About StoryScore

We provide actionable, data-driven insights that enable our member brands to:

  • Quantify the strength of their social storytelling
  • Compare their social storytelling with competitors

  • Strengthen their social storytelling capabilities
  • Make a connection between
    storytelling, social strategy,
    and sales

  • Identify leading category
    themes and opportunities
    for differentiation


Our Approach

The StoryScore metric is our proprietary methodology that combines best-in-class social monitoring with human intelligence and technology. The metric gives brands a quantitative diagnosis of social content based on strategy, creativity, and personality.  The StoryScore metric was developed to fit into a brand’s social management dashboard alongside more traditional popularity-based measures such as “likes” and shares”.


Index Reports

By analyzing and quantifying StoryScore metrics for multiple brands in a category, we’re able to create a StoryScore Index Report that ranks peer-to-peer storytelling performance across platforms and provides data-driven, actionable insights to strengthen social content.

StoryScore members have access to all Index Reports for categories including beauty, grocery, alcoholic beverages, toys, restaurants, and pet care.  For a sample StoryScore Index report, click here.


Featured brands

Whether you’re a brand owner or an agency, if you’re responsible for creating and managing social content, StoryScore can help give you a more meaningful understanding of your social effectiveness. Why not find your StoryScore – and your closest competitors’ – now?

As a StoryScore member, you can add your brand to an Index Report free of charge, or add multiple brands (yours and/or competitors) for an additional set-up charge.


Member benefits

StoryScore members have access to all StoryScore Index Reports.  StoryScore Index Reports are typically updated on a monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on the category.  Members are able to add their brand to a StoryScore Index Report for free, and can also create a customized Index based on their brands and competitors*. In addition, members are invited to participate in exclusive research opportunities, webinars, and events.